Digital skills are increasingly important in the workplace. As part of the European Digital Collective, we carried out the 'Digital Upskilling 4 Work' project at six social and sheltered employment companies in 2022-2023. The aim was to make employees more digitally skilled, so that they can participate better at work and in society. Almost 250 employees with low basic skills participated in the project and enjoyed 10 weeks of training. The results were impressive. 3 out of 4 participants want to learn more, 56% feels more confident in using computer, tablet and smartphone and 71% feels better about themselves. For more information about the projects results see the factsheet. 


Factsheet Digital Upskilling 4 Work

Digital Upskilling 4 Work is a collaboration with SBCM, the Knowledge Center and Labor Market & Training Fund for social employment. The project is supported by The Digital Collective in Brussels with funds from Google.